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This post describes how to add ads in Blogger from Amazon Affiliate Program.
I started blog writing in August 2017. Then I applied for Google Adsense after creating 5 posts in my blog. But that application is rejected due to insufficient content. Again I applied for Adsense after some days. But again application is rejected. Then I searched for an alternative for Adsense and I found that Amazon Affiliate Program is better to use in the beginning of blog writing. I got approval from Amazon Affiliate Program when I have only 7 blog posts and 726 views. Below figures shows status of my blog when I got approval from Amazon.

Follow the below steps to add ads in your blog from Amazon Affiliate Program.
  1. Apply for Amazon Affiliate Program.
  2. Go to Amazon Affiliate Program after getting approval from Amazon. I got approval within 1 day after applying.
  3. Go to Product Linking -> Banners.

  4. Copy the HTML code of any banner from this page. I have selected 728 X 90 banner.

  5. Go to Layout tab in Blogger. Then click Add a gadget button.

  6. Then add an HTML/Javascript gadget.

  7. Then paste the copied HTML code here and save.

  8. Then you can see the ads in your blog.